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    In 1959, Stanley Newman established  Island Industries SA and introduced the first Butler building to The Bahamas.  Established in 1901, Butler Manufacturing swiftly enhanced steel-frame building technology to develop sophisticated agricultural and commercial aviation projects.  By the mid-century, Butler had developed proprietary patents for its pre-engineered steel buildings.  

    Butler remains the gold standard for prefabricated metal structures.  Flexible, economical, and efficient, Butler buildings are used worldwide in a variety of applications, for industrial, commercial, aviation, athletic, religious, and cultural facilities. 

    Throughout the sixties, Island Industries SA erected commercial warehouses, retail shopping centers, and industrial facilities across New Providence and the Family Islands.  Palmdale Shopping Center, D’Albenas Agency, and the original Tribune building are among many enduring Butler buildings constructed at this time.  In 1969, the company was incorporated as Island Industries Bahamas.  

    In 1972, Dave Donald, Peter Andrews, and Carl G. Treco purchased the firm.  Throughout the seventies, Island Industries established notable landmarks in the capital city, including soft beverage plants, the Bacardi warehouses, power stations, and auto dealerships.  Butler buildings were easier to ship and assemble to the Family Islands, without the steep costs and logistics associated with traditional masonry, and its metal roofs were best suited for hurricane resistance. 

    Island Industries built industrial projects, like the US Coast Guard’s hangar in Inagua, or Odyssey Aviation’s sophisticated facility with an enormous, 200-foot clearspan.  The company helped Bahamas Electricity Corporation erect power plants throughout the central and southern Bahamas.

    In the eighties, Dave’s son, Jack, joined Island Industries.  He shaped both company culture and sales with his inimitable, personal style until his passing in 2011.  

    After studying construction at Auburn University, and working Stateside for a large commercial building company, Michael Donald returned to The Bahamas in 1991.  He strengthened the technical capacity of the firm, diversifying projects, and offering fluency in projects requiring global construction management expertise.  Today Michael serves as President and General Manager.  

    Island Industries’ buildings are backed by the Butler Guarantee, an uncommon benefit in the region.  No other US steel building manufacturer offers guarantees in The Caribbean.  Our company’s robust reputation is backed by a remarkable team.  The senior foreman has worked with us for over 40 years, while our other foremen have served for over 15.  Our team takes great pride in our work, from inception to engineering, project management, installation, and the inaugural “roof wetting” party when we celebrate the finished product with our clients and construction team.

    For over half a century, our company has helped to establish major industries throughout The Bahamas.  We have grown alongside a cadre of loyal customers.  These days, we are exploring opportunities to diversify architecturally–with skylights, mezzanine structures, and windowed storefronts.  

    We also provide immediate support and rapid recalibration after destructive hurricanes.  Our buildings withstood the fury of Dorian and were among the first facilities to reopen in Abaco.  We regard these structures as a contribution to national sustainability, and resilience.  


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