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    Ministry of Works approved my foundations but says I need the steel building drawings – what do I do?

    You can start placement of the foundations and order the Butler building. The drawings will be issued approximately eight weeks after your order. You then submit them to M.O.W. and they will append them to your permit.

    How long will it take to build?

    After you receive a building permit, the Butler Building material typically takes about 12 weeks to arrive on your site. During that time, your foundations and floor slab should be completed and ready for the Butler building. Erection of the building depends on the size but is much faster than conventional block construction.

    How much does a ButlerBuilding cost?

    The cost varies greatly depending on the size, type of roof and walls chosen, and amount of doors, windows, and ventilation. A “typical” Butler building erected in the Bahamas costs about $35/square foot, not including foundations and floor slab. We quote every specific request to match your exact requirements.

    Do you handle the entire turnkey project?

    We specialize in the ButlerBuilding with our own forces however we manage and coordinate the entire project, subcontracting the trades we do not do.

    Do I need an Architect for my project?

    Yes. An Architect registered in the Bahamas must stamp and submit your plans to Ministry of Works for a building permit. We will provide the plans for the ButlerBuilding.

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