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  • Benefits of a Butler Building

    Often times first time clients ask, “Why should I get a Butler Building?”. To answer this question we have provided a list of some of the major benefits of having a Butler Building. Butler Buildings are good for almost any use – office buildings, warehouses, mechanical plants, food stores and many more. So if you are starting a new project, or adding on to an existing building, or even if you need to re-roof your building, here are some reasons why a Butler Building from Island Industries is the choice for you.

    For more information on Butler Building Systems Click Here for Butler Manufacturing Company.

    The Roof System

    The MR-24 is the most specified roof system on the market with over 2 billion square feet installed worldwide. Only Butler offers aluminum lockrivets to fasten your ribbed panel roof. They never rust and never loosen.

    Factory Pre-Punching

    Only Butler offers factory pre-punched secondary structural members for precise alignment on roof sheeting.

    Butler-Cote Finish

    Only Butler offers a superior Kynar 500/Hylar 5000 finish system as the standard on all painted panels and trim.

    Galvanized Purlins

    Butler offers acrylic coated galvanized C and Z structurals as standard.

    Speed of Construction

    Butler buildings are erected quickly and precisely on any Island no matter how remote the site. Pre-finished walls eliminate the need for time consuming and costly plaster and paint finish.

    Large Clear Spans

    Butler buildings can span large distances without the need for center support columns. 100’ clear is easily attained and 200’ clear is not unheard of.

    Single Source Responsibility

    Island Industries will furnish and erect your Butler building keeping single source responsibility for your Butler building. We will manage your entire project further maintaining single source responsibility.

    If you have any further questions learn more about Butler Buildings or contact us today to address any questions

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