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  • What is Steel – Why Build With It?

    Steel which is an alloy of iron and other metals is one of the most adaptable versatile and important engineering and construction materials ever discovered to date. Its usesare multifaceted, influencing so many aspects of our lives from the manufacturing of vehicles to residential homes.Because of its structure, flexibility and durability it is heralded as one of the most sustainable building materials in the building industry. Also Metal Steel Buildings offer low cost building solutions through speed of construction and efficient engineering. Not only are they low maintenance but they are also Cat 5 hurricane resistant, a critically needed benefit to business and home owners in the Bahamas. That is why Island Industries has chosen steel as the construction material of choice. Moreover Island Industries has partnered with Butler Manufacturing a world renowned leader in steel building manufacturing.

    Steel Construction Costs

    As with all construction, the cost of steel construction is dependent on the needs of the client. One major benefit of steel construction is that it is capable of spanning large distances, efficiently allowing for speed of construction and minimal interior columns as well as less footings. This is a major cost reducing factor in comparison to other construction methods. Some other critical things to consider when it relates to construction costs include:

    • Framing Type – In any type of construction always consider the function or end use of the building as function has a bearing on cost. Therefore it is of utmost importance that you consult with the right sources such as Island Industries so as avoid costly mistakes in initial design work
    • Building Use – Although many steel buildings may look similar from the outside, the interior construction of one facility may call for much heavier—and costlier—framing, crane beams or other interior design specifics. This is a complex process which requires engineering skill.We are experts in the field at cost reduction and always work with our clients to present an affordable steel building construction ideas and alternatives to suit their specific needs. Contact us now for more details.

    While building with steel is new and often seems a bit complex, what is of critical importance to note is that as with any building project, you should employ a metal building company which understands both the industry and your project and can provide you with the guidance to make the proper building choices.That’s the benefit of choosing Island Industries. When you choose us, the end result of your building project is always results a durable quality construction that will outlast its initial cost in value to you.

    Durability of Steel Construction

    Island Industries have been in business for over 50 years as the exclusive agent for Butler buildings in the Bahamas. We erect buildings with our own highly experienced crews which provide single-source responsibility for the steel building. Butler Manufacturing is the leader in steel building production thanks to their commitment to quality and economy. Butler utilizes techniques unique in the industry such as:

    • Factory punching of roof purlins which ensures proper roof panel alignment.
    • Butler Rib 11Wall Systems the fundamental wall system for any Butler building. Read more…

    When we design a building for you it is done right. So when choosing to build with steel, there is no other viablealternative available in the Bahamas than Island Industries. Take the first step in your building initiative and contact us today. We can make your building dreams become a reality.

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