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    • Jul2017

    Island Industries (Bahamas) Signs Contract with Odyssey Aviation

    Odyssey Aviation, the premier Fixed Based Operation (FBO) in the Bahamas, recently signed a contract with Island Industries (Bahamas) Limited, distributors of Butler building systems in the Bahamas since 1968, for the construction of Odyssey’s new hangar. The hangar features 200’ clearspan allowing wide open interior hangar space to accommodate their clients aircraft. A 180’ […]

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    • 04
    • Jul2017

    Pre-Fab Buildings Are Growing in Popularity

    Business and home owners in the Bahamas are now rapidly discovering the many advantages of Pre Fab Steel and Metal Building construction for their commercial or personal edifices. With the ongoing expansion of new technological design ideas in the commercial building  industry, the number and design applications of prefab metal buildings has literally exploded, opening […]

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    • 26
    • Jun2017

    What is Steel – Why Build With It?

    Steel which is an alloy of iron and other metals is one of the most adaptable versatile and important engineering and construction materials ever discovered to date. Its uses are multifaceted, influencing so many aspects of our lives from the manufacturing of vehicles to residential homes.Because of its structure, flexibility and durability it is heralded […]

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