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  • Pre-Fab Buildings Are Growing in Popularity

    Business and home owners in the Bahamas are now rapidly discovering the many advantages of Pre Fab Steel and Metal Building construction for their commercial or personal edifices. With the ongoing expansion of new technological design ideas in the commercial building  industry, the number and design applications of prefab metal buildings has literally exploded, opening the doors to new techno savvy appealing design options that are not only affordable, but also allow for swift  and sound  construction options.  Whether you are designing a garage, an airplane hangar, a custom home, a commercial building, a church, Shopping Centers or a new warehouse, steel metal building construction offers you  the flexibility in design , cost efficiency, and style options you need in order to achieve the desired result for your building project.  Want to learn more about steel building manufacturing? Contact Island Industries now and one of our sales reps will take the time to answer your specific questions.

    Prefab Metal Buildings A Great Investment!

    Indeed Prefab Metal Buildings are a great investment for you commercial project. Some of the most significant construction benefits include:

    Fast Track Construction – A metal building system can be completed in approximately half to even two thirds the time it takes to construct a building in the old antiquated way of using brick and mortar.  This equates to lower payroll and construction financing costs as well as a quicker occupancy rate and we all know that the sooner you are able to occupy your commercial building, the sooner you can begin to generate income.

    Lower Cost Per Square Foot – Frankly put, steel buildings save you money; as much as up to 50% in long term savings. Moreover, Island Industries uses only Butler Manufacturing design quality products and materials guaranteeing you the client ongoing cost savings associated air-conditioning, cooling and fuel costs. This is largely due to the superior insulation products available through Island Industries and Butler Manufacturing.

    150 MPH + Wind Resistance – In the Bahamas, hurricanes are a reality. When you invest your hard earned money in a commercial building, you want to be assured of excellence in structural design and durability. That’s why our buildings are manufactured to withstand winds in excess of 150 miles per hour. We even take it up a notch, weatherproofing your edifices to resist the deteriorating effects of salt air and elements associated with island life.  There is no better option than Island Industries

    Steel Buildings Guarantee Low Maintenance Costs – Unlike other types of building structures, steel is virtually maintenance free as it is not easily affected by weathering, moisture attack, the elements or rotting. You do the math. When maintenance costs are practically nonexistent, this equates to more profits and money in the bank for business development and expansion.  From the roofing to the foundation you will have fewer to no worries about rotting shingles or plywood supporting structures that are often very susceptible to termites and other destructive insects.

    Versatile Design – Because steel has the ideal qualities of strength and flexibility, designers are able to manipulate construction into a plethora of unique versatile practical outer designs. Also a myriad of interior construction design options are available to meet your specific needs. Whether you plan to build offices or a sporting complex, all of your specifics are easily and inexpensively met with steel.  Island Industries can supply you with any type of custom layout or design style imaginable.

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    Island Industries Standard Exceed  Local Building Code Requirements

    Island Industries is the exclusive builder of Butler buildings in the Bahamas, the number one selling manufacturer of steel prefab metal buildings worldwide. Butler Manufacturing utilizes state of the art materials, engineering and building solutions to meet your building requirements with a dedication to superior quality in design and construction.  Island Industries have been in business in the Bahamas and the Caribbean since 1958, having built over 5 million square feet of metal buildings with the best and most experienced crews in the region. There is no better option than us.

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    Island Industries will furnish and erect your Butler building keeping single source responsibility for your Butler building. We will manage your entire project further maintaining single source responsibility.

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